Running a Marathon Without a watch as well as April Highlights

This morning I got in a great run in spite of the warm as well as Santa Ana winds. They are no joke today!! I can still hear the wind swishing with the trees outside right now.

I utilized Vega sport sustain mid-run for some help. Digging it so far!
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Marathon training Day 4



It’s going to stay hot Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Croacia with the weekend. I don’t mind the heat, however I’m running a regional marathon as well as will be keeping that in mind as I prep for the race.

Also – I decided to order a replacement Garmin as well as was hoping it would get right here before the race. I mainly requirement it to speed myself in the beginning since I suck at that. But, it went MIA as well as they requirement to get me one more one. So, now it won’t come up until next week.

Oddly, I don’t care. I can’t choose if this is a great thing or poor thing however I just am like ‘whatever’ about it. perhaps I’m ending up being more chill. Or perhaps my brain isn’t working right. Either way… I don’t care.

Orrrrr perhaps my life is so Camiseta Brighton & Hove Albion FC full of running as well as watermelon that I’m righty tighty.

Okay. Today is the last day of April so let’s talk highlights from the month. right here are my preferred Run, eat as well as publish Repeat…

April preferred Run eat as well as Repeat

Favorite RUN:

The Avocado half Marathon

I only did one race this month as well as I can only keep in mind one thing from that day – I lost MY KEY. But, then I discovered it. So it was okay as well as now it’s my fave run of the month.

Favorite EAT:

 The Easter Feast – featuring my watermelon basket as well as bunny cake!

Runner up: skinny Rocky road Soft serve at home.

Favorite publish I’d like to REPEAT:

Mother’s Day gift Guide

Question: What was the very best thing you eat or did this month?



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