Yoga as well as wine

I made it to yoga 2 today as well as it was really good! I was anxious before I went. I get stressed out in yoga when I suck (ironic). however this class wasn’t too challenging for me as well as I got a great stretch. love it! This may be my new regular class ?

After yoga I raced house to make dinner. It was only 6pm, however it felt so late! That time modification really messes with ya!
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I love tempeh for it’s grainy texture as well as my dinner centered around this:

I made a significant stir-fry with Camiseta FC Porto tons of veggies, half the tempeh as well as a sauce I made myself. For this Oriental inspired sauce just mix up chili garlic sauce, Sriracha, soy sauce, maple syrup as well as PB. It was dee-lish! served on brown rice.

Ben was having wine with dinner as well as Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Inglaterra I decided to join him…

Wine makes mid-week dinners much more fun!

I managed to prevent the office cake since I had a yummy trail mix for an afternoon snack. I love “bulking up” trail mix with Camiseta SC Braga cereal. The much more (trail mix) the merrier (me). No pic since I somehow lost my memory card…I am a spaz.

Now I am enjoying a piece of dark chocolate as well as sipping some gingerbread tea.

Ben’s random comment of the Day:

Over dinner Ben as well as I were talking about money (or a lack thereof) as well as the economy. The issue is I love whole Foods (and various pricey, however healthy food stuffs)  however it’s not the best way to spend our money right now. He told me…

Ben: “If you were homeless you would save up your pennies until you had $20. Then, you would go to the whole Foods salad bar.”

Me: “It’s funny since it’s true.”



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